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To browse the Token with MetaMask, it is necessary to enable the MetaMask Plugins in GoogleChrome, create your own MetaMask eth wallet and activate the Ropsten testnet. If you want to receive and send units of the Token you must select the TOKENS option and then press the "ADD TOKEN" button to copy and paste the following Token's smarh contract 0x5a83b235F9cAf9d978055CBA22d48123f2F77446 and finally press "Add" to confirm.  Alternatively, you can use an Android Wallet on your phone by installing https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.walleth&hl=en from the official GooglePlay site. Once this Wallet is installed, access it and from the main menu enable the Ropsten network from the "Network" option. From the "Settings - Select Token" option, add the Token contract provided here and confirm the changes. With this, you can exchange the Token with whomever you want. Use these wallets with care and never send them real value ether. Remember that it is a testnet.

UFREEU has a Beta testnet version of its own UFU-Token. This Token is an instruments to make paymests without intermediaries: the UFREE site and you. UFU is an ERC20 Ethereum standard token, which gives it great compatibility into the realm of the ICO (Initial Coin Offer). The UFU's smart contract is "MetaMask" compatible; MetaMask is a web browser interface for user-token interacting. Users can exchange UFU using any wallet with access to Ropsten's testnet.


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the simplest way that the user has to interact with an smart contract is through the myetherwallet.com web site. You will have to activate the ropsten network and generate your own eth wallet. With the option "contracts" you must activate the UFU  smart contract, by cutting and pasting both the address and the json (abi) interface. All the public functions of the UFU smart contract, are enabled in this way. Now, the user can buy UFU running "BUY" function. User must always take the caution of using test ether in a buy operation. Never transfer true ether to a testnet wallet.